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Liam Carey is a composer of contemporary classical music, both instrumental and electronic. Originally from London, he is based in Liverpool, where he has just completed a PhD in Composition exploring the cognitive and perceptual causes of consonance and dissonance. As a composer his areas of interest include polystylism, auditory perception, and the relationship between modern music and the music of the past.


Born in 1980, Liam Carey was raised in London where his formative musical experiences mainly involved playing guitar in various rock bands. He attended Liverpool University, were he completed his undergraduate degree in Music in 2002, focusing on composition and orchestration. He has just completed a PhD in Composition there, exploring the cognitive and perceptual causes of consonance and dissonance, and seeing whether these ideas can be applied to elements of music other than harmony.

As a composer Liam's areas of interest include writing pieces which deal with auditory perception in a way similar to the Op art movement. In this respect his work is influenced by composers such as La Monte Young, Steve Reich, Alvin Lucier, James Tenney, Tristan Murail, and Georg Friedrich Haas.

Over the years Liam has also been active in a variety of musical styles including rock, electronica, dance, folk, as well as contemporary classical music, including playing guitar, banjo, drums and producing electronic dance music, all of which Liam is keen to incorporate into his compositions.

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