Liam Carey compositions and recordings

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4th February 2023

My piece Here Comes the Other, for harp and electronics is getting its US premiere on Saturday 4th February 2023 as part of this year's Ussachevsky Memorial Festival of Electroacoustic Music at Pomona College, CA. A big thank you to everyone involved, especially Alison Bjorkedal for playing the harp, and Tom E. Flaherty for playing the electronics and organising the festival. Alas I can't be there in person, but if you're in the LA you should totally go, the whole festival looks amazing!


25th March 2022

My piece For Xiaoxiao is getting itss second outing on Friday 25th March 2022 at Gala Opening Concert of the Tung Auditorium in Liverpool. Written for chinese guzheng and electronics, it's being played by the amazing Xiaoxiao Hou, who it was written especially for.


10th July 2021

New Release! My piece Here Comes the Other is being released by Accidental Records as part of their Antechamber Music compilation. Cassette and Digital release only, it will be available from 30th July, and you can find it here on bandcamp.


30th October 2020

New Release! My piece Concerto for Piano and Electronics is being released by Accidental Records. Performed by Ian Buckle, it's a three movement re-imagination of the traditional piano concerto for solo piano and audio/video instead of an orchestra, and you can find it here on bandcamp.


20th May 2020

Delighted to have been included in this great project. Re-Place: remixes of Colin Riley's superb song-cycle In Place. If you follow the Soundcloud link you can find a whole collection of imaginative reinventions - 18 and counting.

18th March 2020

So I passed my viva in December with minor modifications. These are now finished and submitted, which means it's finally done: Portfolio of Compositions with Accompanying Commentary, exploring the use of consonance and dissonance in elements of music other than harmony. It's been fun, but I don't think I'd do it again. If you're curious enough to see what it was all about, you can download it here.