Liam Carey compositions and recordings

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Liam Carey is a composer of contemporary classical music based in Liverpool, who works with both live instruments and electronics. He is currently working towards a PhD in composition at Liverpool University. This website is a resource page where you can find recordings, scores and other miscellany to do with Liam's music.


3rd Jan 2019

Just completed my new work , This is not a manifesto, a 9 minute concert piece for 13 players and video. It's a stylistic departure for me, moving away from the more perceptual based styled I've been focused on for the last few years, towards a more polystylistic approach combining elements of 'new' and 'old' music. It's scheduled to be performed by Ensemble 10/10 on Saturday March 30th at Liverpool University.

1st Sept 2018

Currently hard at work on my latest piece, Concerto for Piano and Electronics, a piece for solo piano and video. This work is my take on the classical concerto tradition but using video and electronics rather than an orchestra. Currently deep in the depths of the 1st movement in which the video/electronics is a mash-up made from short clips of more than 200 different pieces of music.

8th Dec 2017

Just completed my new work Yes and No, for 22 solo strings. It's a medium length work based on the interaction of harmonicity and roughness - the two factors which make up Ernst Terhardt's Two Component Theory of musical consonance. The score and recording can be found on my recordings page.

Upcoming/recent performances:

Saturday 30th March

This is not a manifesto, for 13 players and video will be performed by Ensemble 10/10 at Liverpool University (link)

Wednesday 6th March 2019

Concerto for Piano and Electronics, will be performed by Ian Buckle at Liverpool University (link)

Wednesday 14th March 2018

Rhythm Study, for Pierrot sextet will be performed by Pixels Ensemble as part of Open Circuit Festival 2018 (link)