Liam Carey compositions and recordings

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You can find my music in most of the usual places, including Spotify, YouTube, and Bandcamp. Here are a few of my pieces, with links to recordings and videos.

Concerto for Piano and Electronics  

This is a traditional three movement classical concerto but the soloist plays with a video instead of an orchestra. In the first movement the video is a collage of 214 different pieces; the second movement the electronics consist solely of sine waves which are visualised by lissajous figures, and the third movement the video is made up of recordings of me finding various ways of banging and plucking the inside of a grand piano.

Yes and No, for 22 solo strings  

The aim of this piece was to reflect the way that many things can seem to have contradictory qualities depending on how you look at them. It consists almost solely of a single chord made up of the first 22 pitches of a harmonic series on C and progresses by changing the voicing and articulation of this chord so that at one moment it sounds highly consonant, the next highly dissonant, and at other times like an ambiguous combination of both.

Nothing New, for piano and electronics   pdf

A short piece for solo piano which is also amplified and the signal delayed to create what is essentially a two part canon. The idea was to write a piece which played with the idea of gestalt in music, looking at how we group and organise what we hear. The two parts, although identical, at times seems to fuse to create a single part, and then other times seem to separate and work against each other. Can also be played on two pianos without electronics.

Remixes - I also sometimes make remixes for friends and family, here's one that I'm particularly fond of:

D.I.F.F.I.C.U.L.T.Y. (remix)