Liam Carey compositions and recordings

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A fairly up to date works list, with some links to pdf scores

Large ensemble

This is not a manifesto, for 13 players and video (2019) pdf
Yes and No, for 22 solo strings (2017) pdf
Consonances, for orchestra (2014) pdf

Chamber ensemble

I can still hear you, for percussion trio (2019) pdf
Fever Dream, for string quartet (2019)
Dear Henry, for Pierrot ensemble plus percussion (2017) pdf
Berlin: Symphony of a Metropolis Act 4, live soundtrack for Pierrot ensemble and electronics (2015) pdf
I would go home but my house is on fire, for Pierrot ensemble plus percussion and live electronics (2014) pdf


Concerto for Piano and Electronics (2018) pdf
An intense and unpleasant excitment, for flute and electronics (2017) pdf
Two Systems, for tenor trombone and electronics (2016) pdf
Rabbit Hole, for cello and electronics (2015) pdf
Nothing New, for piano and electronics (2014) pdf
Common Factor, for solo cello (2013) pdf


CD Requiem, for a large group of portable CD players (2016) pdf
Ecotone, recorded sound (2012)