Liam Carey compositions and recordings

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A fairly up to date works list, with some links to pdf scores

Large ensemble

This is not a manifesto, for 13 players and video (2019) pdf
Ens: perc(1) + fixed media (audio + video)
Duration: 10 minutes

Yes and No, for 22 solo strings (2017) pdf
Ens: 12vln 4vla 4vc 2db
Duration: 13 minutes

Consonances, for orchestra (2014) pdf
Ens: 3.2.3(3 doubl B.Cl).2 perc(2) strings
Duration: 13 minutes

Chamber ensemble

I can still hear you, for percussion trio (2019) pdf
Ens: 3 brazilian tamborims
Duration: 6 minutes

Dear Henry, for Pierrot ensemble plus percussion (2017) pdf
Ens: fl/
Duration: 9 minutes

Berlin: Symphony of a Metropolis Act 4, live soundtrack for Pierrot ensemble and electronics (2015) pdf
Ens: fl/cl/vbr/vln/vc and fixed media (audio + video)
Duration: 17 minutes

I would go home but my house is on fire, for Pierrot ensemble plus percussion and electronics (2014) pdf
Ens: fl/ and live electronics
Duration: 7 minutes


Here comes the other, for detuned harp and electronics (2020) pdf
Ens: harp and fixed media (audio)
Duration: 6 minutes

Concerto for Piano and Electronics (2019) pdf
Ens: piano and fixed media (audio + video)
Duration: 25 minutes

An intense and unpleasant excitment, for flute and electronics (2017) pdf
Ens: flute and live electronics
Duration: 6 minutes

Two Systems, for tenor trombone and electronics (2016) pdf
Ens: trombone and live electronics
Duration: 4 minutes

Rabbit Hole, for cello and electronics (2015) pdf
Ens: cello and live electronics
Duration: 12 minutes

Nothing New, for piano and electronics (2014) pdf
Ens: piano and live electronics
Duration: 4 minutes

Common Factor, for solo cello (2013) pdf
Ens: solo cello
Duration: 3 minutes


CD Requiem, for a large group of portable CD players (2016) pdf

Ecotone, recorded sound (2012)